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Spanning four decades, Flame Safe is the foremost leader in the fire retardant coating industry nationally and internationally. The Flame Safe companies manufacture a complete line of aqueous based, colorless, non-toxic, economical, and environmentally friendly fire retardant coatings, fire retardant sprays and fire retardant penetrants. Flame Safe has both interior and exterior fire protection coatings, penetrants, and fire retardant sprays for wood, wood products, lumber, plywood, wood shingles, timbers, fiberglass, plastics, fabric, thatch, thatching, tiki huts, paper, cardboard, Christmas trees, and wildfire prevention. The Fire Buster™ is a fire retardant treated fabric available for commercial, industrial and residential use. Flame Safe Wood Products division manufactures exterior and interior vacuum pressure impregnated flame retardant wood, flame retardant plywood, flame retardant timber, and fire retardant wood specialties and millwork.

Flame Safe fire retardants are compliance tested to meet the following fire safety and building code requirements: 

   ASTM E84 Class A, UL723 Type 1, NFPA 255, NFPA 703,UBC 42-1, ASTM E2768 for interior use and exterior use
   ASTM D2898 procedure exterior fire retardant plywood, exterior fire retardant lumber and timbers; 
    ASTM E108 for fire retardant coating wood, cedar and pine shake shingles Class B;
   NFPA 701, FAR25.853 a &b (Federal Aviation Req.), Federal Standard 16CFR [FF4-72] (mattress ticking), Boston, NY- NJ Port Authority, Cal 1237.1, and the Cal Tech 117-F for fire retardant spray on coatings for fabrics and textiles;
NFPA 701   fire retardant coating for thatch   
    International Maritime Organization Resolution A.753(18) & ASTM F1173-95 wet classification for plastic pipe 
​   ASTM E162 & 662, Federal standard PPP-B-320, PPP-B-636 and PPP-B-640L fire retardant coating for corrugated packaging, cardboard box and paper industry; and 
   CAL Administrative Code, Title 19 Public Safety, Art. 3,Sec. 1264.3 spray on fire retardant coating for Christmas trees.  

The credibility of Flame Safe’s fire retardant products is well documented by accredited 3rd party testing agencies, including Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), Universal Laboratories, United States Testing, Western Fire Center, Maxim Technologies-Southwestern Laboratories, U.S. Forestry Department, FEMA, Forestry Commission of New South Wales, Australia, European Institute for Fire Research, Ontario Research of Canada, and more.

Flame Safe’s experienced, qualified staff offers technical support to assist customers in selecting the Flame Safe product necessary to meet fire safety and building code requirements. Flame Safe offers consulting services in engineering design and application for floor, wall, ceiling, and roof fire rated assembly systems.  Flame Safe and Fire Prevention Technologies' research and development department assists manufacturers to value add to their finished product to meet fire safety standards compliance requirements as an integral part of their manufacturing process.
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Who uses Flame Safe's fire retardants?
commercial, industrial & residential  
Nursing Homes - Assisted living centers -hospices - day care centers - schools - motels - hotels  - mobile homes - apartment complexes - parks and recreation centers - convention centers exhibitors - museums - marinas - malls - shopping centers - office/retail - restarurants - nightclubs - hospitals - haunted house attractions - aircraft industry - government & military facilities - mining - offshore maritime construction -furniture, upholstery and mattres maunfacturing - corrugated board, cardboard box and paper industry
Flame Safe Advantage
*Quick and easy application
*Odorless - Colorless - Non Toxic
*Contains no PDBEs 
*Adds no appreciable weight
*Requires no special cutting tools
*Reduces smoke generation
*Fungus inhibitor
*Resistent to insects, odents,and   certain molds
*Will not harm plants or animals
*Termite resistant
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